Milo, 2015

Pairoj Pichetmetakul

Acrylic on canvas

When I was a kid, I would hear fire trucks go by and I would say ‘I want to be a fireman.’ And nowadays I try to figure out what happened to those dreams… why did we lose that desire to be? What happened? It helps me to tell my story, because it’s like a burden... and this is an opportunity to let it go. When I was 11 I left home, and went to the streets. The people in the streets became my parents. They became my idols, and I tried to emulate them. They offered me security… something that I’d never got before. But as a child I still had those dreams of being a fireman, of wearing a uniform. But those dreams were taken from me because I had to grow up fast… I had to be responsible for me at such a young age. I couldn’t be a child. To this day, I’ve never had a birthday.

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